Our Background

Thermal Systems was founded by P.V. Raju, an ambitious and experienced first-generation technocrat, with the goal of producing a variety of Heat Recovery Boilers. The company employed a team of highly skilled professionals and focused its efforts on serving the fertilizer industry with its Suphuric Acid Plants. Thanks to its internal design and manufacturing expertise, TSPL was able to provide reliable, readily available, and easy-to-maintain equipment that met the industry's needs.

Over the course of a decade, Thermal Systems earned the respect and trust of its customers by adhering to a rigorous quality policy and delivering products on time. TSPL now boasts a proud history of supplying numerous Waste Heat Boilers, including 2 x 175 tph for 2 x 3500 tpd Sulphuric Acid Plants for Power Generation in India, 142 tph for a 4500 tpd Sulphuric Acid Plant in Europe, and 215 tph for a 3700tpd Sulphuric Acid Plant in Tunisia.

Our Strengths

The Company's greatest strength lies in its devoted management and skilled team of employees.

Under the leadership of Mr. P.V. Raju, the Managing Director and a dynamic first-generation technocrat with extensive experience and a fiery vision, the company is run by a full-time Board of Directors. The Management takes an active role in providing necessary support and guidance to the staff to ensure customer satisfaction.

The team of Directors is supported by professionally qualified and experienced Managers who lead various functional departments, such as Thermal Design, Marketing & Sales, Detailed Engineering, Project Management, Site Construction, Production Planning, Procurement, Production, Finance, Logistics, and other related services.

Our Vision

Our goal is to become a globally recognized leader in system manufacturing, specializing in the conceptual design to commissioning of energy generation from waste heat, waste gas, solid waste, low heating value gas, and fuels. Our aim is to provide a sustainable solution for a cleaner and cooler environment.

Our Mission

Thermal Systems (Hyderabad) Pvt Limited (TSPL) sees itself as a dynamic participant in the worldwide Boiler Manufacturing Industry, offering powerful solutions that combine its outstanding Engineering expertise with strong Human Resource contributions. Its goal is to become one of the top global leaders in the Boiler field.

Our Values

  • The company upholds its Social Responsibilities within the scope of its operations.
  • It strives to meet Customer Requirements in terms of Quality, Price, and Delivery.
  • Human Resources are the cornerstone of its capabilities, and the company believes in harnessing and nurturing the talents of its members to achieve success.
  • The company continuously evaluates and improves itself to become a global force to be reckoned with.
  • The company is committed to ensuring ecological harmony.

Our commitment towards exceptional quality standards

At TSPL, our commitment is to enhance Customer Satisfaction through:

  • Innovative designs that prioritize equipment/system reliability, availability, and maintainability.
  • Consistent adherence to Quality standards as required by Customers or Codes.
  • Continual improvement through regular review of Quality Objectives.
  • Timely execution of contracts.

Quality Assurance

  • The Company boasts well-equipped manufacturing facilities with continuous quality inspection at every stage.
  • Utilizing modern and advanced techniques, the Company ensures that its products meet service requirements in all aspects.
  • TSPL has implemented a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001, and has been accredited since 1997.
  • The Company holds a Certificate of Authorization for ASME 'U', 'S', and 'PP' stamps.
  • TSPL also holds the 'R' stamp from The National Board of Pressure Vessel & Boilers.
  • Having executed numerous projects under PED, the Company has obtained CE marking for the European market.
  • In addition, TSPL has obtained the 'ML' (Manufacturing License) for export of Boilers & Pressure Vessels to China.

The Company adheres to a highly stringent Quality Policy that strives for Zero Defects and maintains a No Compromise Principle. It possesses various in-house testing facilities, such as Radiographic, Ultrasonic, Hardness Testing, DP Testing, Stress Relieving, M.P. Testing, and Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems. Additionally, the Company has complete Mechanical Destructive Testing capabilities in-house, ensuring the production of safe and reliable products.


The product engineering team at TSPL continues to carry on the legacy of P.V. Raju by leveraging their strong expertise in Thermal and Mechanical Design to provide solutions for critical requirements.

TSPL has also developed specialized technologies for Non-Ferrous Industries, particularly Zinc, Copper, and Lead plants, and offers well-designed Waste Heat Recovery Boilers with an "On-line Cleaning Mechanism" to effectively handle dust-laden gases.

The company has a strong focus on Sulphuric Acid Plants and Waste Heat Recovery Systems, where it has a market share of over 90%. TSPL has developed unique designs and solutions to address the high and low-end temperature issues associated with Sulphuric gases.

In addition, TSPL has also created in-house designs and solutions for using MSW/RDF as a fuel and has successfully supplied and commissioned the first RDF Boiler in India.