Fuel fired & Waste Heat based Power Plant on EPC

Turnkey solution for Captive Power Generation

For any process industry to thrive, the quality, reliability and cost of electricity are important factors. Availability of constant power is significant to any Process industry, and cost, reliability on grid power is a major concern, which has compelled industrial sector to set up its own power generation plant for self-use thereby reducing dependability on the grid.

Growing requirement of alternate source of power, with customers understanding the advantages, like single point responsibility, low cost of power, minimal transmission & distribution losses resulting in higher thermal efficiency and subsidies by government in certain cases has made customers to go ahead with CPP concept.

TSPL provides concept to commissioning solutions for power generation to industries like chemicals, steel, fertilizer, paper etc. by utilising fossil fuels available to combust it in a AFBC / TG boiler or utilize Waste Gases in a WH Boiler to produce steam thereby generating power by a Steam Turbo Generator.

Thermal systems provides Captive Power Plants on EPC (Engineering, procurement, construction) basis with Fossil fuel fired AFBC / TG boilers, Waste gases fired Waste Heat boiler with Steam Turbo Generator package (STG) & Extended Balance of Plant ( EBOPs).




PRESSURE (kg/cm2)





Thermal Systems provides turnley solutions for Captive Power Plants

  • WHRBs for Non Recovery Coke Oven

  • Vertical & Horizontal Boiler Design

  • Two Pass - Single Drum Design for WHB

  • Zero Downtime for Boiler in Operation

Thermal Systems provides fossil fuel fired and Waste Flue Gas based Power plant on EPC basis

AFBC Boiler Based

  • Boier for firing coal fines with high ash, high iron content
  • Hopper bottom design for Dolochar firing in Sponge Iron industry
  • Overbed & Underbed firing for optimum combustion
  • Turnkey supply including Boiler | Turbine | EBOPs

Turnkey Solution for Captive Power Generation