Steaming Ahead in Technology

  • Today the product engineering team carries the torch lit by P.V.Raju,  with a strong base in Thermal and Mechanical Design in providing solutions to critical requirements.
  • The Company has developed special technologies for Non-Ferrous Industries especially Zinc, Copper, Lead plant and offers well designed  Waste Heat  Recovery Boilers with  “On-line  cleaning Mechanism” to handle  effectively the dust laden gases.
  • The Company always pay special attention to Sulphuric Acid Plant, Waste Heat Recovery Systems, where its core strength lies and present market share of this business is more than  90%.  The Company developed special technologies and  design  to address properly the high and low end temperature problems associated with Sulphuric gases.
  • TSPL has developed inhouse designs and solutions to use MSW / RDF as a fuel.  TSPL has supplied and commissioned the first RDF Boiler in India.


We, at TSPL are committed to enhance Customer Satisfaction through :

  • Innovative designs for reliability, availability and maintainability of the equipments / systems.
  • Consistency in maintaining Quality as per Customer / Code requirements.
  • Continual improvement by reviewing set Quality Objectives.
  • Timely execution of contracts.


Thermal Systems (Hyderabad) Pvt.Ltd.ensures that HSE matters will have higher status on par with other primary business objectives. The Policy towards HSE is:
  • Use of personal protective equipment/ safety devices to prevent accidents and occupational health
  • Providing regular training and resources to employees to avoid unsafe acts and unsafe conditions to
    maintain safe working environment
  • Protect the environment by preventing pollution and seek improvements in the effective usage of natural resources
  • Comply with all applicable Government Laws, Regulations,Industrial Standards and Guidelines.


We, at Thermal Systems (Hyderabad) Pvt Ltd., strongly believe “Human Resource” as the core of all its capabilities and continuous tapping & honing its talents, contributes to the organizational success.

Our Policy towards Human Resource is:

  • Acquiring, Internalizing into Organization’s rhythm, Motivating and Retaining high Quality, high Caliber people.
  • Providing regular learning inputs for upgradation of its employees’ skills & capabilities and pave the way for career progression.
  • Taking care of its employees’ genuine needs in terms of welfare & remuneration commensurate with their contribution towards Organizational goals.
  • Creating and sustaining a culture enabling the employees work in a friendly manner with open communication and high level of professionalism.