Turnkey Solutions for Sponge Iron Plants

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers for Sponge Iron Industry

Thermal System's Sponge iron heat recovery boilers are a specific type of waste heat recovery boilers that are used in the production of sponge iron, also known as direct reduced iron (DRI). Sponge iron is a form of iron that is produced by heating iron ore in the absence of oxygen and the heat recovery methods for sponge iron are methodically studied and deployed by us.

During the production process, a significant amount of heat is generated by the exothermic reaction of reducing iron ore. This heat is usually wasted, but with the use of Thermal System's sponge iron heat recovery boilers, it can be captured and used to generate steam for power generation or process heating.


Thermal System's boilers are designed to recover heat from the hot gases generated during sponge iron production and use it to generate steam. This can help to increase energy efficiency in the sponge iron production process and reduce energy costs and emissions.

Additionally, our Sponge iron heat recovery boilers are also used in the Steel industry as DRI is used as a feed in Electric Arc Furnace(EAF) Steel making process.


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  • Captive Power Plant


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  • AFBC Based EPC


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Direct reduced iron (DRI) is also known as sponge iron. It is produced by the reduction of iron ore by non- coking coal in a rotary kiln, thereby generating hot flue gases.

TSPL provides WHBs to recover heat from hot kiln gases, thereby generating HP Steam which is in turn used for generating power


For any process industry to thrive, the quality, reliability and cost of electricity are important factors. Process industry thus sets up its own power generation plant for self-use thereby reducing dependability on the grid.

TSPL provides concept to commissioning solutions for Power generation by utilising fossil fuels available to combust it in a AFBC / TG boiler or utilize Waste Gases in a WH Boiler to produce steam thereby generating power by a Steam Turbo Generator.

Heat Recovery Solutions for Sponge Iron Industry