Turnkey Solutions for Integrated Steel Plants

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers & Fired Boilers for Steel Industry

Thermal India manufactures and deploys Waste Heat Recovery boilers which are designed to recover maximum waste heat from industrial processes and use it to generate electricity. Our boilers extract optimum capaticy heat which is inturn used for industrial processes. In the steel industry, these boilers can be used to recover heat from the hot gases generated during steel production and use it to generate steam for power generation or process heating.

Thermal Systems also manufactures Fired boilers, that burn a fuel source, such as natural gas, oil, or coal, to generate heat for steam production. These boilers are designed especially for the  steel industry to provide heat for the production process.


Both our waste heat recovery boilers and fired boilers can help to increase your energy efficiency in any steel industry, reducing energy costs and emissions. However, Thermal Systems waste heat recovery boilers are more environmentally friendly as they do not produce emissions from burning a fuel source.


  • Coke Oven Batteries
  • Coke Dry Quenching Plant
  • Blast Furnace
  • Steel Furnace / Steel Convertor
  • Sinter Plant
  • Oxy Clause Process
  • Captive Power Plant


  • Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
  • BFG Fired Boiler
  • Lean Gas Fired Boiler
  • AFBC Based EPC


  • FEED Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Process Feasibility
  • Design & Manufacturing
  • Supply and E&C




PRESSURE (kg/cm2)






Non Recovery Type | Recovery Type (CDQ)

The coke making process ( Non Recovery Type / Recovery type) involves carbonization of coal to high temperatures in an oxygen deficient atmosphere in order to concentrate the carbon thereby generating high temperature heat, and/or recovering chemicals

TSPL provides waste heat boilers to recover this heat and convert waste heat into Steam for power generation.


Sinter plants agglomerate iron ore fines (dust) with other fine materials at high temperature, to create a product that can be used in a blast furnace. Sintering process causes the constituent materials to fuse which results in formation of hot flue gas.

TSPL provides Waste Heat boiler to recover heat from exhaust gas to generate steam thereby limiting exhaust gas temp to around 180 Deg C & in turn decreasing CO2 & dust emission to the environment.


Iron making is the first step in manufacturing of pure steel wherein Iron ore, coal, and lime are chemically reduce to Coke & Sinter and physically converted into molten iron known as Hot Metal / Pig Iron.

During process there is Unutilised / surplus BF Gas. TSPL provides boilers to combust these gases to produce steam and generate power.


Basic oxygen steelmaking is a primary steelmaking process for converting molten pig iron into steel . Desulfurising Pretreatment of the blast furnace hot metal is done externally to reduce Sulphur in an Oxy Claus process.

TSPL provides Boiler for off gases generated in Oxy Claus process.


For any process industry to thrive, the quality, reliability and cost of electricity are important factors. Process industry thus sets up its own power generation plant for self-use thereby reducing dependability on the grid.

TSPL provides concept to commissioning solutions for Power generation by utilising fossil fuels available to combust it in a AFBC / TG boiler or utilize Waste Gases in a WH Boiler to produce steam thereby generating power by a Steam Turbo Generator.

Heat Recovery Solutions for Steel & Ferro Alloys Industry