Turnkey Waste Heat Recovery Solutions for Chemical Plants

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers Solutions for Chemical Industry

Companies within the Chemical Industry convert raw materials such as oil, metals and minerals into products. They can be broadly defined in three types ie fine chemicals, bulk chemicals and speciality chemicals.

Fine chemicals are complex pure chemicals that are produced via organic synthesis. Fine chemicals are often used as reagents and raw materials for pharma, pigments, propellants etc. manufacturing.

Speciality chemicals are used to make products for a variety of sectors. Types of speciality chemicals include adhesives, cosmetic additives, flavours, fragrances, elastomers and lubricants.

Bulk chemicals , majorly Inorganic & organic manufacture many chemicals and products. Industrial inorganic chemical industry manufactures inorganic products such as chlor-alkalis, Sulphuric Acid and fertilizers.

Sulfuric acid has long been the chemical that is manufactured in the largest quantities on a world scale, Nitric Acid is second most important chemical used for Nitrate based fertilizer making.  In addition to it, release of hazardous flue gas streams & effluents from chemical process is an unwanted by-product of Chemical plants.

Thermal systems provides Waste Heat Boilers for Sulphuric Acid | Wet Gas Sulphuric Acid| Spent Acid Regeneration | Weak Nitric Acid plants and custom designed and Engineered Waste Heat Boiler solutions for Waste Gas & Effluent incineration system.


  • Sulphuric Acid Plant
  • Wet Gas Sulphuric Acid (WSA)
  • Nitric Acid Plant
  • Captive Power Plant
  • Industrial Incinerator


  • Waste Heat Boiler
  • Process Gas Cooler
  • Gas to Gas Heat Exchanger
  • Sulphur Furnace
  • In Bed Cooler
  • AFBC


  • FEED Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Process Feasibility
  • Design & Manufacturing
  • Supply and E&C




PRESSURE (kg/cm2)






Nitric Acid process mainly involves oxidation, condensation & absorption to produce WNA. Oxidation process takes place in an exothermic reaction wherein high temperature gases are generated. Converter boilers , Economisers with Start up heaters are process equipments which ensure maintenance of temperature profile as required in process.
TSPL is into design & supply of converter boilers | WHBs |ECOS with Startup heaters etc.


Sulphur Combustion Process

Sulphuric acid making process results in generation of high temperature gases. To maximize energy recovery and acid yield, the gases are cooled in boilers, heat exchange equipment’s thereby generating high pressure steam which is further used to generate power.

Sulphuric Acid is mainly obtained by burning molten sulphur, from metallurgical off-gases or by decomposing spent sulfuric acid.

Thermal systems provides WHB system | Heat Exchangers | Pre heating Units for various industrial segments manufacturing Sulphuric Acid.


Wet Gas Process (WSA)

In WSA process SO2 gas is to produce at the operating temperature of the oxidation catalyst in the SO2 converter. Feed containing Sulphur are oxidized to SO2 by combustion and then cooled to the optimum catalytic conversion temperature in a waste heat boiler. The excess heat from this operation is recovered as steam. The catalytic conversion process reaction heat is recovered between the catalyst beds by superheating of steam.

TSPL supplies WHB | COOLERS | Super heaters for WAS plant


Waste Chemical Incineration System

Incineration ( Thermal Destruction) is a heat treatment process which involves combustion of organic substance in waste material which converts waste into ash, hot flue gas. These hot gases are recovered in a Waste Heat boiler thereby generating high pressure steam which is further used in a turbogenerator to generate power.

TSPL has solutions for various incineration suiting to contents in gas streams.


For any process industry to thrive, the quality, reliability and cost of electricity are important factors. Process industry thus sets up its own power generation plant for self-use thereby reducing dependability on the grid.

TSPL provides concept to commissioning solutions for Power generation by utilising fossil fuels available to combust it in a AFBC / TG boiler or utilize Waste Gases in a WH Boiler to produce steam thereby generating power by a Steam Turbo Generator.

Heat Recovery Solutions for Chemical Industry