Turnkey Solutions for Refineries

Waste Heat Recovery Solutions for Refineries

Refinery basically processes specific crude oils into selected products by selecting an array of basic processing units. In general refinery employs the functions like

Distilling, wherein the chemicals in crude oil boil at different temperatures, allowing heated vapours to rise and collect at various levels separating out the various liquids derived from crude oil.

Cracking, wherein heavy liquids are converted into lighter liquids.

Reforming, wherein the process produces reformate, which is needed to increase the octane for cleaner burning fuels. Hydrogen is also produced by the catalytic reforming process which is further used for hydrotreating.

Treating, process basically removes contaminants such as sulfur, nitrogen, and heavy metals, which are undesirable in automotive fuels.  Following the treatment, blending, and cooling processes, the liquids finally look like gasoline, lubricants, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel fuel, heating oil, and petrochemical feedstocks that are needed to create the plastics and other products you use every day.

Blending, wherein various streams are blended into finished petroleum products.

Thermal systems for various processes supply boilers, process gas coolers, Heat Exchangers like Flue Gas Coolers for FCCU in catalytic cracking, Process Gas Boiler for HGU in reforming, Incinerator, TGTU and reaction furnace boilers / packages with sulphur condensers & reactors for SRU in Treating, VCM / Waste Water Incinerator waste heat boilers in Petrochemical part of refinery.


  • Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU)
  • Spent Acid Regenration Units (SARU)
  • Flue Gas Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU)
  • Hydrogen Generating Unit (HGU)


  • Reaction Furnace (MCC) Package
  • Incinerator Package
  • TGTU Package
  • Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
  • Sulphur Condensors
  • Reactors
  • Process Gas Boiler
  • Flue Gas Cooler


  • FEED Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Process Feasibility
  • Design & Manufacturing
  • Supply and E&C




PRESSURE (kg/cm2)






Sulfur recovery unit is basically conversion of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to elemental sulfur using Claus process with Condensers , reactors & Incinerator process. These processes involve burning H2S with air in a reactor furnace to form sulfur dioxide thereby generating Hot Gases. The hot gas from the combustion chamber is quenched in a waste heat boiler that generates high to medium pressure steam.

TSPL is pioneers in supply of Clause pkg | Inc pkg | Waste Heat Boilers | Sulphur Condensers | Reactors


SARU process is basically regeneration of Spent Acid to relatively pure and concentrated acid for reuse in process. Thermal decomposition of spent acid results in generation of High temperature gases which is recovered in a boiler to generate high pressure & temperature steam.

TSPL provides WH Boilers for SARU process and to its pride, the largest running installation on SARU is supplied by TSPL.


Hydrogen in produced by steam reforming of Regasified Natural Gas and Refinery Fuel Gas. Heat available from reformer flue gases and the heat in the process gases coming out of the reformer  is used to generate steam.

TSPL is leading supplier of Process Gas Boilers with designs best suited as per process licensor requirements.

2 x 60 TPH WHRB

for Coke Oven Batteries at Sandur Manganese, Karnataka


Fluidized catalytic process is selective cracking a variety of feed stocks to produce light olefins. Catalyst is completely burned off with an excess amount of air in this regeneration stage. The flue gas generated in downstream of FCC regenerator is recovered by flue gas cooler in the form of high‐pressure superheated steam.

TSPL provides Flue Gas Cooler for catalyst laden gases

Heat Recovery Solutions for Refineries