Turnkey Waste Heat Recovery Solutions for Zinc Plant

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers & Heat Exchangers for Zinc Industry

Thermal India offers custom built solutions for heat recovery boilers for zinc industries. Our boilers are designed and built to specifically meet the unique needs and requirements of zinc production facilities.

Thermal Systems fully understands the process of zinc production generates a significant amount of heat which is usually wasted but with the use of heat recovery boilers, it can be captured and used to generate steam for power generation or process heating.

Custom-built solutions for heat recovery boilers for zinc industries are typically designed to recover heat from the hot gases generated during zinc production and use it to generate steam. This can help to increase energy efficiency in the zinc production process and reduce energy costs and emissions.


Additionally, there is great care to ensure that Thermal System's boilers are designed to fit in the existing facility infrastructure, comply with the local regulations and meet the specific process requirements.

Custom built solutions for heat recovery boilers for zinc industries are developed by us in collaboration with the zinc production facility to ensure the best possible solution for the facility.


  • Zic Roaster
  • Sulphuric Acid Plant


  • Roaster Boiler
  • Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Pre Heating Units


  • FEED Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Process Feasibility
  • Design & Manufacturing
  • Supply and E&C




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Zinc manufacturing process mainly involves conversion of zinc sulphide to zinc oxide in a Roasting Furnace. The roasting gas at the furnace exit has a temperature of about 950 to 1000 Deg C which is cooled in a  waste heat boiler.

In roasting process , sulphur is expelled as SO2 gas and subsequently recovering as sulphuric acid in Sulphuric acid plant.

TSPL is pioneer in supply of Roaster Boilers | Boilers & ancillary equipment’s in Sulphuric Acid Plant.


Sulphuric acid making process results in generation of high temperature gases. To maximize energy recovery and acid yield , the gases are cooled in boilers, heat exchange equipment’s thereby generating high pressure steam which is further used to generate power.

Sulphuric Acid is mainly obtained by burning molten sulphur, from metallurgical off-gases or by decomposing spent sulfuric acid.

Thermal systems provides WHB system | Heat Exchangers | Pre heating Units for various industrial segments manufacturing Sulphuric Acid.

Heat Recovery Solutions for Zinc Industry